Antique Set 4 Satls Gilt Silver, Armorial, Robert Hennell (4510)


Antique, Victorian armorial condiment set, 4 salts with glass liners and matching spoons.

Vermeil - gilt washed sterling silver.

Made London England, 19th century by Robert Hennell.

Measurements: salts are 2 inches tall; diameter of upper rim is 2 1/2 - 2 5/8inches; spoons 3 5/8inches long; weight of silver (not including the liners) is 335grams.

Exceptional : round base with larger round bowls.

THe outside lavishly patterned with engraved and chased decoration with raised flowers in a trellis background.

Textured variations, raised and engraved depth contrasts, and a superbly luxurious gilt wash over the sterling silver.

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I had an email from Theo, who wrote as follows:

The mark R.H is Robert Hennell III (who died in 1868), whereas RH stands for Robert Hennell IV.

All the date marks showing in your photos are lower case. The letter you describe as an (R) is in fact a (k) for 1865. The (r) is for 1872.

Thank you Theo.

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