Antique Dutch Silver Caddy Spoon Horse Dog Animal Flowers (ID:5372)


 Antique Dutch silver caddy spoon. Made in the Netherlands, circa 1890 to early 20th century.


Measurements: a little over 3 1/2 inches long, including the animal terminals. Bowl approx 2 inches in diameter. Weighs 21.2grams. Note, ruler in 'photos is in inches.


Unusual animal themed caddy spoon. The fluted round bowl has a repousse hammered figure of a beautiful horse standing on a grassy knol. A ring of repousse dots/beads near the scalloped border. The arching handle leads to a moulded basket of flowers, above which is a pair of animals. The bottom, with the terminal is possibly a sheep or dog, the top, definately a dog, with his tail curled around on his left side.


Silver is assumed to be approximately .800, the Dutch standard.


Marks: there are a number of hallmarks on this caddy spoon: on the back of the bowl is a worn mark - see 'photos; leading from the bowl, up the handle, are 3 Dutch hallmarks, the first of which is very clear - a lion and a key, which I believe was used in Amsterdam silver of the 19th century. A more faded S and another mark are less clear, presumably where the spoon was more enthusiastically held and polished. There is a mark in the lower center of the basket of flowers and another on the dog finial. See 'photos for details.


Condition: besides the light wear mentioned, the spoon is in good condition considering it's age.


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