Antique Victorian Skull Memento Mori Opens Pomander Pendant Charm w Dice (6952)


Antique Victorian pendant charm pomander. Silver and die of bone. Made 19th century in England. <P><P>
Measurements: Approximately 1 inch (2.7cm) high. Weight is 11.6 grams. 

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Realistically formed skull. Fine detail down to the individual grinning teeth, well moulded forehead and high cheekbones. A sturdy hinge at the back of the cranium allows the skull to open, revealing two compartments, which would have held perfumes or sponges soaked in smelling salts for the days when hygiene was limited and fainting spells common. With deep irony, the occupant of these spaces is now occupied with a single die (one dice), carved of bone and with an interesting royal crown on one side. It is an entire mystery what the Royal symbol is doing on a die, but we can enjoy speculating on the connection with gambling and the skull - death topic. <P><P>
A pair of loops on the top of the skull enable it to be hung from a chain or ribbon. The back of the skull is engraved with a banner proclaiming IN MEMORIAM, scrolls, G.GE and the date 1896. The engraving might be later than the skull. <P><P>
The skull is very solidly and well made with the hinge closing firmly. It is opened by inserting a nail between the sides and gently levering it open. There appears to be faint residue of gold wash, visible depending on the light and mostly long gone. A fascinating addition to a perfume collection, a Goth collection, a charm to be worn by anyone old or young and a definite conversation piece. <P><P>
Marks and Metal: none. <P><P>
Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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