Antique Victorian Etruscan Revival Necklace 14 18k Gold Pearls Cannetille (6356)


Antique Victorian Etruscan Revival Necklace. 14 and 18k yellow gold and natural pearls. Made in England or Europe circa 1850-80's.  <P><P>
Measurements:  <P><P>Clasp to clasp is approximately 16 3/4 inches (43cm) accross. Drop approximately 6 inches (16cm) top to bottom. Weighs 31 grams. <P><P>
Description:  11 delicate gold chains starting below the neck and hanging in swags one below the other. Each chain with small natural pearls at stations between sections of chain. The chains meet at an oval medallion on either side of the nape of the neck. These gold medallions are richly decorated with cannetille work and a row of 3 pearls, all believed to be natural, on either side. The tongue-in-groove clasp is decorated in a similar vein to the medallions. This necklace, based on the jewelry of the Ancient Etruscans who preceded the Ancient Romans, is as wearable and fashionable today as it was when it was made about 150 years ago.  <P><P>
Marks: There are no marks on any part of the necklace, as is to be expected of a necklace of this age. The gold was acid tested to ensure purity. The medallions are 14k gold and the chains are 18k gold.   <P><P>
Condition: good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.


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