Antique Earrings Early 20th century Gold Diamonds (4493)


Antique, Edwardian / Belle Epoque smallĀ earrings.

18k gold, silver and diamonds.

Circa 1895-1920.

Measurements: Slightly under 1 inch in length.

Weigh 4.5grams.

Earrings consist of two diamond-shaped sections seperated by loops, thus allowing the bottom, larger part to swing freely as the wearer moves.

The smaller, upper section consists of two triangles, set with diamonds and bordered by tiny filigree wirework.

The larger bottom section with rounded corners, an openwork center with flower-shape in diamonds pointing in the 4 cardinal directions.

Like most antique jewellery, the bottoms are gold (tested at 18k) and the tops are silver, in order to better set off the diamonds.

Earrings are very well made and suitable for either day or night wear.

Possible replaced posts but otherwise good condition.


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