Antique Georgian 1st Empire Poissarde Earrings 18k Gold Green Paste Silver(7021)


Antique Georgian Directory First Empire poissarde earrings ear hoops. 18k gold and green paste with a little silver. Made in France 1798 - 1809 during the Directoire and First Empire period of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Measurements: Weight is 1.5 grams. Diameter approximately 3/4 inch (2.2cm).

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Description : Small circles of gold, supported from within by s-shaped gold wires. The front of the earrings composed of 3 stations, each a round gold disk set with a green paste gem set in silver. The central section is larger, with smaller disks on either side of it. Colette setting holding the green 'gems' in the form of fluted silver. Extremely fine workmanship. Earrings are very small and light, but have a great pezazz, glistening and gleaming to attract the onlooker's eye. The darkening of the silver over more than 225 years offsets the gleaming green and gold to even greater effect.
Wires would thread through the ear from back to front, as was the custom at that time (and for many centuries to come).

Poissarde earrings, named for the fishwives who supposedly wore them, are typically hoop shaped with supporting S-shaped wires within the hoop. They are increasingly rare and difficult to find.
Most Poissarde earrings are either plain gold, enamelled or set with paste gems. Early Poissarde earrings were made after the French Revolution, when materials such as gold and gems were in extremely short supply, so it is not surprising that this pair is small and light.

Marks and Metal: French cockerel (coq) mark for 1798-1809 indicating 18k gold made during the Directory and First Empire - reign of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. It is extremely rare to find a pair of really old poissarde earrings like this, in such good condition. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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