Antique Ear Pendants Queen Anne Earrings 15k Gold Garnets Circa 1710 (ID:5967)


Antique pre Georgian, Queen Anne Earrings. 15k yellow gold and garnets. Made in England circa 1710.  


Measurements: Approximately 1 1/2 inches (4cm) long. Weigh 4.7 grams.  


Deep red garnets with a very rich inner glow. Flat cut as was the style and technical limitation of the period and set in gold with crimped edges. Closed backs. Stones connected to one another via sturdy gold wires, (a little like an old Meccano set), which seems to have been typical of the period. Earrings attached via a pair of gold chains to small garnet surmounts. This adds length and lightness and allows the earrings to swing as the wearer moves. Light between the gold and garnets also gives a magical airy effect and catches the garnets at different angles, glowing and gleaming as a result. Ear wires are replacements as is almost always the case with very old earrings.  


Marks: none, as is to be expected. The gold was tested to ensure metal purity.  


Condition: Good with minor wear, commensurate with age. Please see enlarged photos for details. Do not hesitate to ask questions, which we will do our best to answer.



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