Antique Georgian Napoleon I Earrings Gold Pearls Cannetille (5619)


Antique Imperial Earrings. Made during the Georgian period / reign of Napoleon I in France, circa 1790's - 1810. 18k gold and natural pearls.

Measurements: a little over 1 inch (2.75 cm) long, not including the wires. Weigh 8.8 grams. Note: ruler in pictures is in inches.

Rounded oval shape that the Georgians seem to have much admired. Slightly arching. The elongated oval centers are in solid gold. Surrounded by gold openwork scrolls / cannetille; in turn surrounded by a ring of natural pearls and finally a double gold rim of varying texture and design. Amazingly intact after more than 200 years of bringing pleasure and beautifying women. Very well made and versatile to this day.

Marks: none (acid tested for 18k).

Condition: good with minor wear commensurate with age. Please see 'photos. Note: we have not cleaned the earrings as many purists prefer earrings with 'original patina'.


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