Antique Georgian Earrings Gold Natural Pearls Italian Long Ear Pendants (ID:5448)


 Antique earrings. Georgian 18th century. 14k yellow gold and natural pearls. Italian.


Measurements: approx 6 1/4cm long. Note: ruler in pictures is in inches. Weigh 8.8grams.


Very long earrings. Relative light weigh makes them comfortable to wear and wimple wires are easy to insert. Filigre gold and pearls. The surmount is round in shape with a central large natural pearl surrounded by rings of gold and pearls with filigre work around the border. The larger element is suspended from the surmount via a loop, so that it sways and swings as the wearer moves. It also has a central large natural pearl surrounded by concentric rings of small seed pearls and gold with filigree patterns around the border, echoing that of the surmount. 5 tassles of seed pearls swing from the bottom.


Marks: none as is to be expected. We acid tested the gold to ensure it is in fact 14k.


Condition: good. Usually there are seed pearls missing from earrings of this age, but here, they all seem to be present and intact. Gold also in good shape.





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