Antique Earrings Ear Pendants Amber Gold (ID:4033)


Antique Victorian dangle earrings / ear pendants made of amber and gold.

Made 19th century, possibly Russian.

Measure a little under 1 1/4 inches to the loop on the upper bead, excluding the shepherd's hook.

Together weigh 5.

5 grams.

Earrings consist of a smaller and larger round bead.

The larger, bottom bead is contained in a gold flower-form; the upper, smaller bead has simpler gold separators.

Amber is dark brown and enticing.

Light gleams off it and occasionally, through it if held to the light, glowing a deep, dark red.

Lovely swing as the wearer moves.

The hooks are hallmarked in what appears to be Cyrillic.

Good condition.


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