Antique Georgian Earrings Day Night Cannetille Gold Pink Sapphire Pearl(ID:5305)



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 Antique Georgian torpedo pendant earrings. 18k gold, pink sapphire, natural pearls. Made in England, circa 1790 - 1820's.


Measurements:2 1/2 inches long (6.5cm). Weigh 8 grams.


Long, torpedo pendant shapes. Two sections - an upper surmount suspending the long drop. Day Night or Top Drop: the pendants easilly removed so that the surmounts can be worn alone by day when a simpler look is called for. 

Surmounts in the form of cannetille openwork flowers. Delicate filigree and granulation with a central gold globe and exquisitely minute multiple link chain outer border. The torpedo-shaped drops with pointed apex joined via loops to the wires of the surmount. Around the terminals is a wirework open flower. The gold cones, rounded at the bottom show the marvellous rich gold off to best effect. Near the bottom, they are embellished with gold cannetille wirework, natural pearls and bright pink topaz. Although the topaz are closed at the back, there is enough showing above the mount to indicate that they are actually this color and not the result of typical Georgian foiling. The bottom edge is adorned with another wirework flower and small gold globe. 

The quality of workmanship of these earrings is superb.  

Marks: like all Georgian jewellery, there are no gold marks, but acid testing stays for 18k gold. 

Condition: these earrings are in remarkably good condition considering their age. Negligible wear commensurate with age.

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