Antique Georgian Bracelet Bangle 18k Gold Garnets Carbuncles French (6800)


Antique Georgian bracelet bangle. 18k gold and cabochon garnets. Made in France 1820-30's. 
Measurements: Weight is 7.9 grams. Length is approximately 6 3/4 inches (17.5cm). 

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Description : Hollow rounded rectangles, very richly chased and engraved lead to a central trio of identical, but larger rectangles, each set with a cabochon garnet or carbuncle as the Georgians and Victorians called them. Central portion with protruding golden globes. Sections joined with tubular links and cylindrical links in the central portions of the bracelet. Very fine work, typical of the Georgian era. Tongue in Groove clasp is secure. There is also a loop for additional safety chain if desired. Cylindrical joints of central portion have curly hooks at the back, from which charms or other enhancer attachments can be looped. Gold is bright yellow for the most part, but shades to a reddish pink in central areas. 
Marks and Metal: French eagle head mark on loop near clasp, on tongue of clasp and hook near center of bracelet. It is believed that the bracelet is actually earlier (Charles X - 1820's to 1830's) with slightly later marks. 
Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age. Imperceptible hint of restoration to protruding globes of center - please see pictures and judge for yourself (mentioned only for the sake of accuracy). Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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