Garnet is the birthstone for January.
February birthstone is Amethyst Antique and Vintage amethyst jewelry
Aquamarine is the March birthstone
Diamonds are the birthstone for April - antique and vintage diamond jewelry.
Emeralds are the birthstone for May. Emeralds in antique and vintage jewelry.
Pearls are the birthstones for June. Antique and vintage pearl jewelry.
August birthstone is peridot - antique peridot jewelry and vintage peridot jewelry.
September Sapphire birthstone - antique and vintage sapphire jewelry
Opals are October's birthstone. Antique and Vintage opal jewelry.
Turquoise December birthstone antique turquoise jewelry, vintage turquoise jewelry

Antique Demantoid Garnet Jewelry

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Demantoid Garnets


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Moonstones all about moonstones in antique jewelry and vintage jewelry

Pearls – Part I Origins

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Origin of pearls Natural pearls and cultured pearls Mikimoto

Pearls – Part II Kinds of Pearls

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Pearls - kinds of pearls and pearl farming

Pearls – Part III What to look for in Pearls

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Features of pearls to look for

Pearls Part IV – Odd Shaped Pearls and odd Pearls

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Pearls odd shapes and stories

Rubies, spinels and other ruby-look-alikes

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Rubies, spinels and other ruby-look-alikes. Gems that look like rubies.

More about Rubies post #145

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rubies more about rubies
The role of leaves in antique jewelry