Advice for Buying on the Internet – Part 7 more do’s and don’ts.

Advice for Buying on the Internet – Part 7 more do’s and don’ts.

Advice for Buying on the Internet – Part 7 more do’s and don’ts.


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The last 6 posts were advice from looking to returning - advice for buying on the internet.

The following advice about buying on the internet might seem like a no-brainer to you, but it also might make the difference between a fun, successful transaction and frustration, aggravation and even financial loss. You want something unique and beautiful that you can enjoy forever and then pass on to your children and their children. So here is some pen -ultimate advice about buying on the internet to help you achieve those aims.

In general, there is nothing you can't say to a dealer if you do so politely and with respect. When you establish a pleasant and friendly relationship with a seller, they are more likely to work with you on prices and other special circumstances. Rude people up front are often really nasty on the back side of the transaction. Often these transactions end with a financial loss to the seller. Be rude and they would rather not make the sale.

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Don't ask the dealer where he got the item. It's none of your business. Be tactful. The item might be similar to something your granny had, but it is not yours and don't imply that the seller stole it from your family.

Ask all your questions before you make a purchase.

Try to establish a good working relationship with a seller you can trust. They can guide you, will spend more time informedly chatting about your personal needs and you might, just make a new friend. A lot of customers pour their hearts out to me. I guess having an anonymous ear is an advantage.


Sometimes, the seller is wrong: None of us is infallible and we often miss details or information and often the people 'out there' know a lot more than we do. I am truly grateful when someone points out an error in a listing. When someone shares additional information - such as who a maker is - it's a great bonus. I am very happy to hear opinions, even if they detract from what I wrote. But please do it nicely.


Do check that the seller ships to your country. For personal / historic reasons, some sellers will not ship to people in particular countries. They may have had bad experience doing so in the past. Maybe, it's not fair to you, but it is their prerogative not to sell to a particular place.


On the topic of shipping: Don't forget to check SHIPPING costs before you assume you have finalised the sale. For both you and the seller, the price of shipping must be taken into account. Be realistic about the price of shipping. I get numerous emails demanding a lower shipping cost for items that have to be sent around the world, insured. I do not set the price of shipping and certainly not the enormous cost of insurance. While my packer does a great job, I can't afford to take the chance that an item will get lost or broken, so insurance is necessary whenever possible.

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