March birthstone Aquamarine in antique and vintage jewelry.

March birthstone Aquamarine in antique and vintage jewelry.

March's birthstone is the Aquamarine, one of the most beautiful and flattering of all gems.

For years women have particularly enjoyed the flattering sky-blue tone of the aquamarine, which shows off every complexion
 to great advantage. After all, for most ladies, the primary purpose of wearing a jewel is to enhance
our natural good looks. Up to the Art Deco period, most antique aquamarine gems would be foiled to enhance their color.
In the 20th century, the color of aquamarines was enhanced by heat treatment. When this happened, jewelers were able
to make large jewels using much bigger stones than was previously possible. Look at this wonderful Vintage Art Deco Ring,
 supposedly owned by a famous Hollywood actress:
Retro huge aquamarine and diamond ring.
Item #5016 a gorgeous vintage Retro aquamarine ring.

Over the years and through the course of various civilisations, various magical and mysterious powers of protection and luck were
attributed to the aquamarine gemstone. Here are a few of the many:
The ancient Greeks used the stone as a cure for eye ailments.
The Romans appreciated its use in healing stomach problems. In the Middle Ages of Europe, aquamarine was assigned to
the planet Neptune. One maritime saga claims the gem came from the treasure chest of mermaids and hence is called
the protecting stone of sailors. It’s easy to see why it has been popular in jewelry throughout the ages.
Aquamarine is found in many countries, notably Brazil and Russia. Also, they were found in many others around the world,
including the USA.
The naming of this gem, aquamarine, speaks for itself as it truly embodies the blue green we see in warm tropical
 waters around the world. In fact, I have seen pale aquas that look more like diamonds with a subtle hint of blue. For many of
us laypeople, we should be aware of confusing a blue topaz with a natural aqua. If jewelry is older than the early 2th century,
we can be confident that the stone is aquamarine.

In some cases, the gorgeous aqua of this gem was highlighted by diamonds and sometimes, it will be contrasted to show it off to
even better effect, by a bright color, like a garnet.
#6275 Victorian earrings with garnets.Vicorian earrings Aquamarine and Garnets

The crystal composition of aquamarines is almost identical to that of emeralds. As a result, aquas are often cut in the
 same way as emeralds.  Due to the long inclusions characteristic of these beauties, they look as though they are casting
rays of light.
This exquisite pair of antique Edwardian earrings continues the star-burst theme
Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings from the Edwardian era.
Edwardian Belle Epoque antique earrings with aquamarine and diamonds #4543 

Aquamarine’s power lies in creating peace and serenity.
This necklace is bound to make the wearer feel serene and gorgeous.
Art Nouveau Aquamarine and Garnet necklace.

Late Victorian Art Nouveau necklace with aquamarines in a unique design. #4705

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