Handpainted Miniature Painting Royal Caravan of Nobles Ladies w Animals (4938)


 Handpainted miniature painting of a Royal caravan. Made in India. The paper is old, but the painting is not old.


The painting is surrounded on 3 sides by Arabic script. Measurement of the painting alone is approx 8 X 4 1/2 inches. The painting with the script is approx 9 1/2 X 5 1/2 inches.


A beautifully executed, finely detailed painting in the old Persian and Mughal Indian tradition. A caravan of royalty - Maharaja, Nobles and queenly ladies with a variety of animals very typical of India from camels, to elephants and horses. The Maharaja sits in his gold palanquin atop an elephant. , various important looking people ride camels both ahead and behind him. In one ox-drawn carriage, a lady is being driven by a pink-turbanned driver, while a group of 4 men carry another woman on her palanquin. A water carrier in the front traipses behind a noble on a prancing horse,while another small person drives a single deer behind a group of gentlemen on foot. Behind are arches and gardened landscapes with cranes flying above lotus flowers. The sun is setting golden on the horizen.


The painting is in very good condition. The edges of the old paper are torn, but this in no way bears on the pictorial elements.


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