Handpainted Miniature Painting Indian Mughal Maharaja w Ladies Not Antique (4935)


Handpainted miniature painting in the old Persian and Indian tradition. Painted on old paper, the painting itself is not old.


Painting itself is 3 1/2 inches X 6 3/8 inches, including the script on the top (everything within the yellow frame).


Painted on old paper in immitation of the old miniatures of the Mughal court, this painting depicts a Classic Mughal Maharaja enjoying his garden and his hareem. Within a walled courtyard. A lush garden can be seen over the wall. 


All buildings are decorated in tremendous detail; similarly the diaphenous outer robes reveal undergarments with fine floral patterns. All of the figures are very richly bejewelled, with ropes of pearls around their necks, huge rubies on their foreheads, bangles up to their elbows and of course, ankle and toe rings, earrings and every other possible form of adornment. Some gilt highlights.


There is Arabic script above and to the side of the painting.


Good condition.


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