Japanese ivory okimono, probably 19th century, possibly very early, depicting a hunter capturing an eagle.

7 1/2inches long.

5inches high.

A hunter stands astride an eagle, it's outstretched wings forming the base of the group.

Hooked beak open as though shouting in anger.

The hunter, belt and jacket flying as he moves swiftly, holds a looped rope with which to tie up the bird, one hand holding it down below the neck.

His face is steeped in concentration.

The detail of this group is fantastic.

Turn it upside down and it is equally beautiful - the wings, each feather of which is carved and etched, rest on a leafy branch.

Behind the man is his quiver with some arrows removed.

The ivory has a wonderful buttery patina, only to be found in very old pieces.

The exceptional quality of the sculpting is also not to be found in anything made for well over 100 years.

A tiny rectangle is missing from the branch underneath.

I believe this should have held the signature.


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