Exceptional genuine elephant ivory figure of a woman, carved, I believe no later than the 18th century.

Measures 8 3/8inches excluding the base.

9 1/2inches high including the base.

Old ivory has incredible butterly patina - smootheness that only centuries can produce.

Upon first glance, the figurine looks fairly stylised, but closer inspection reveals amazing subtlety and delicately carved detail.

She wears a finely carved long dress with delicate folds and scallops at the bottom, revealing the tips of her feet.

Her hands are enclosed in a muff or cascading cloth.

Her face is magnificent: wonderful detail to features.

A subtle smile plays around her mouth, she has marvellous dimples, a very slight double chin, eyes closed in pleasure and an amazing complex hairstyle that only a rich noblewoman could have sported.

Ears are long and spiralling.

Ebonised wooden base in the form of a double flower.

Excellent condition.

No damage of any sort.


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