Antique miniature painting from the British Raj in India with the Royal Coat of Arms, as used by the British Government.

Painted in India circa 1880 - 1920.

Measures 3 1/4 inches wide by 2 1/8 inch high.

Watercolour on cardboard with real gold embossed Coat of Arms.

Mounted and ready to be framed.

The painting depicts a British horseman on a prancing horse.

A raised stick in one hand.

He wears a European style hat on his head.

A sage and two women walk behind him.

Behind the bushes he is riding through is a hill, with a wall curving up it's slopes, a fairly common sight near forts or temples in India.

Below are more Indian style buildings.

Minute detail - from the smiling face of the rider to the beautifully depicted horse with flying mane.

Most unusual and interesting is the embossed coat of arms, done in gold above the hill.

It is the Royal Coat of Arms under a Crown, as used by the British Government.

The painting is in good condition.

Condition: New


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