Signed and numbered mystical, Kabbalistic Judaica lithograph by well-known artist Batya Apollo, with real gold background.

Very limited number made and even less available world-wide.

The coloured portion measures approx 16 1/4 X 11 1/2 inches, including the writing in Hebrew around the picture.

This does not include the signature, number or watermark, or the border.

The picture consists of a very intricate floral design with flowers, fruit and foliage intertwining througout in bright colours on a real (24K) gold leaf ground.

In the center is a double foliate circle enclosing a phrase in Hebrew, which in turn encloses a blue MIZRACH.

Above this are a pair of lions (male and female) flanking a purple and gold crown with Bet and Hey (Be'ezrat Ha'Shem) around it.

A wonderfully detailed pair of birds and a Hand of Fatima (Chamsa - against the evil eye) containing G-d's name are more of the wonderful details.

Each corner has part of the date, whether the Hebrew or Gregorian and the whole is surrounded by Psalms.

The lithograph is hand signed and numbered by the artist.

Condition is mint.

The lithograph is professionally framed and enclosed in a special museum quality paper that is acid free and will guarrantee to last forever instead of causing brown marks and discoloration on this beautiful work.

This is guarranteed to be original and is a rare opportunity to buy such a limited & wonderful production.


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