Antique Mughal Bangle Bracelet Gold Enamel Gems Crocodile w Appraisal (4929


Antique bangle bracelet. 22k gold set with diamonds, turquoise and minakari / minaar enamel. Also old glass. Makara (Crocodile) protomes. Made in Madir Pradesh,

India circa 1800 -1850.

Measurements: Outer diameter of bangle is 3 1/8 inches (8cm) - larger at the terminals. Inner diameter of bracelet is 2 1/4 inches (6cm). Weighs 100.6 grams.
Total diamond weight approx 2.50 cts.

Round, tubular body of the bangle. The outside is richly set with diamonds in tear-shaped pulled (kundan) mounts. Repousse patterns along inner surfaces. The entire

body was probably covered in minakari / minaar enamel work, but over 200 years, most of the enamel on the outside has been worn away. There are still many traces of

it and the inside, very fine enamelling is largely extant. It is very finely done in red, blue and green with white accents and has a floral theme.

The body of the bracelet leads to a pair of superb animal heads. Starting from the collars, enamelled and set with a row of natural turquoise. The Crocodile heads

with fabulous detail: from the white enamelled sharp teeth to the detailed eyes and fabulous old red glass tongues. Each has a diamond in the center of it's forehead

and 3 more behind the ears. The meeting place above the pair of snouts is square and set with a turquoise.

Gold 22k (tested).

Given the age of this bangle, it is in very good condition. The only losses are the enamel wear, as mentioned above.

This bangle was independently appraised for $22000.00



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