Antique Georgian Victorian Gold Carved Coral Dog Lion Bracelet Dogs (ID:5278)



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 Antique Georgian or early Victorian bracelet. Gold and carved coral. Date estimated as circa 1790 - 1850.


Measurements: approximately 18cm (7 - 7 1/4 inches) long. Approximately 1 inch wide. Weighs approx 34.5grams.


Bracelet in the form of square links. Each part entirely made of coral with gold pins and gold clasp. The coral is carved in the form of dogs and lions. Each dog and lion is slightly different to the other. Great detail, from their faces and ears to the curling tails around their well-modelled hind-quarters. There are larger dogs / lions in a line in the center, while the dogs on the outside are slightly smaller. The clasp consists of a long-snouted dog - possibly a Greyhound on one side and a recumbent lionesque animal on the other. The large lion animal lies curled around a pineapple coral form. Immediately behind this animal is a carved coral ball, which resembles antique carved Chinese items.


The bracelet is utterly unique. Quality of carving is very good. Subject matter fantastic.


Marks: there are no identifying marks of any sort to be found. We acid tested the gold, which stays for at least 14k.


Condition: as is to be expected, there are minor losses to the delicate coral. For example, the largest lionesque animal that forms part of the clasp, has lost a small piece of his tail. Most of the other dogs are in much better condition with very minor losses, commensurate with the age of the bracelet. Wear also commensurate with the age of the bracelet. Please see enlarged 'photos for details.

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