Antique Snuff Box Silver Gilt Set w Emerald Ruby Sapphire & other Gems (3711)


 Antique snuff box made of silver, gold, mother of pearl, genuine precious gem stones (emerald, ruby, sapphire), hand engraved and enameled and with openwork lions and crown flanking a huge heart-shaped garnet.


Box dates to the 19th century.


Box measures 2 7/7 X2 1/4 inches. Height is just under 3/4 inch.


Rectangular in shape, hinged, long, narrow thumbpiece in front of lid.

Every side of the box is decorated. THe bottom outside is gilt with hand engraving of flowers and foliage. The sides are bordered by slightly protruding rims, with hand enamelled decoration in red, white and blue very finely painted inbetween.

The top is covered first by a layer of mother of pearl. This has gilt overlay scrollwork over it, with a vignette in the middle with a pair of lions and a crown - very Royal looking. The standing lions hold a large heart-shaped red stone between them. Above and below are blue oval sapphires and on either side are rectangular emeralds. The corners each have an oval gem with smaller oval rubies on their inside corners.


The inside is clearly gold on the bottom. The top is also metal, copper in colour, and textured like a match strike.


I found no identifying marks on the box.


Condition is very good. Catalogue says also topaz.


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