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  • $3,500.00

    Antique, Victorian combination brooch - pendant butterfly. Gold set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. Made in England, circa 1850.   Measures 1/3/8 inches accross. Weighs approx 10 grams.   Beautiful butterfly made of gold and set with precious gem stones. The body is a series of gradated pearls, the wings are largely made of diamonds to give a...

  • $3,500.00

    Antique Victorian Napoleon III ring. 18k yellow gold, sapphire, diamonds. Small amount of silver. Made in France, circa 1860-80. Independent appraisal. Measurements: Weight is 4.7 grams. US size 6 (can be sized quite easily). Length of bezel is 18mm. Sapphire 1.15ct. Please see below for full description.

  • $3,500.00

    Antique Victorian bracelet 14k gold, diamonds, sapphire and ruby. Carlo Guiliano. Made in England circa 1870-80's. Bracelet made of 14k gold with a clover flower consisting of a ruby, diamonds and a sapphire. Believed to be made by the very famous 19th century Neo-renaissance jeweller, Carlo Giuliano (1831-1895, who moved from Italy to London)....

  • $3,250.00

    Antique Victorian Napoleon III snake ring. 18k yellow gold, sapphire and diamonds. Made in France, circa 1850-1870. <P><P>Measurements:  US size 6.65. Weighs 10.7 grams. Sapphire 0.25ct. Diamonds 0.52ct.  <P><P>Description : A large snake with no less than 4 coils forming the shank of the ring. The final band coiling around the...

  • $3,200.00

    Antique Art Deco ring. Platinum mount with diamonds and natural sapphires. Made circa 1920's. Measurements: Ring size a little over US 6. Total diamond weight approximately 0.58ct. Sapphires approximately 0.25ct. Weighs 3.7grams. Design of this ring is the ultimate Art Deco. Geometric and balanced in every way. The ring consists of concentric rectangles...

  • $2,850.00

    Antique Vintage Art Deco ear clips earrings. Platinum, 18k gold, diamonds and sapphires. Made circa 1930's. Measurements: Approximately 5/8 inches (1.5cm) long at furthest points. Weigh 4.7 grams. <P><P>Small but gorgeous pair of ear clips. The earrings curve up the ear lobe, forming a gentle arc. They consist of 3 concentric arcs of diamonds,...

  • $2,800.00

    Antique chandelier earrings. White sapphires silver and gold. Made in India early 1900's. <P><P>Measurements: approximately 1 1/16th inch long (28mm) not including the loops/wires; Weigh 23.1 grams. 6ct Sapphires. <P><P>Chandelier drops made of wonderfully transparent foiled white sapphires that look like diamonds. Flat cut in old...

  • $2,650.00

     Pendant Brooch Pin. 18k white gold sapphire and coral. Estate piece made circa 1980's.   Measurements: approximately 1 1/2 inches (4.5cm) across. Weighs 18grams. Approximately 3 cts sapphires. Coral 30X20mm and 5X2mm.   Brooch-pendant in the Renaissance tradition of creating naturalistic forms copied from the animal kingdom made of jewels. Realistic...

  • $2,250.00

    Antique Victorian brooch pin. 14k gold and multi colored sapphires. Made late 19th century. Measurements: 11.25 ct sapphires. Weighs 5.3 grams. Total length approximately 1 1/2 inches (3 3/4cm). Description: Heart shaped brooch with a small sapphire as a 'crown' on top. Blue, bright pink and yellow sapphires blaze in a heart contained in gold mounts....

  • $1,750.00

    Antique Arts and Crafts / Art Nouveau ring. 14k yellow gold, sapphires, diamonds. Made circa 1880 - 1900 during the late Victorian period. <P><P>Measurements: A tad under 1 inch (23mm) long. Weighs 3.9 grams. US size 3 3/4 (approx). Can be resized. <P><P>Description: Long, rounded navette shape. Openwork design incorporating...

  • $1,500.00

    Vintage, estate pair of cufflinks. 14carat gold and sapphires. Made by Tiffany & Co., circa 1940-80's in the USA. Measurements: 1/2 inch (14mm) X very slightly more than 1/2 inch (14mm). Weigh 15.7 grams. Sapphires approx 4mm in length. Square cufflinks. Interesting surface design with fluted cross hatching overlaid with triple twisted cables with...

Showing 37 - 48 of 49 items