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  • $8,000.00

    Estate / vintage chain necklace. 14K gold with well over 60 carats of natural sapphires. Probably dates to last part of 20th century - 1950 - 1990. <P><P>Measures 58 1/2 inches long. Weighs 20.4 grams. <P><P>A stunning necklace consisting of gold links and gold-set oval sapphires in a wide variety of colours: yellow, orange, pink,...

  • $7,500.00

    Art Deco vintage antique bracelet. Sapphires set in silver.  Ceylon Sapphires.  Made circa 1930's. <P><P>Measurements: Approximately 6 1/2 inches (17cm) long. Weighs 8.5 grams. 8.33ct sapphires. <P><P>Description :  A line of oval Ceylon sapphires in graduated sizes with the smallest at either end and the largest in the middle....

  • $7,500.00

    Antique Victorian French Brooch Pin. 18k yellow gold topped with silver, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. Made in France. 3 7/8 inch (10cm) long. Weighs 28.5grams. Approx 2 carats of diamonds; Approximately 3 carats of rubies sapphires and emeralds. 5 pearls 3-4mm. Outstanding brooch in the form of a spray of lilies of the valley. Like...

  • $6,999.00

    Antique Victorian - Edwardian bracelet. 18k gold, various colored spinel and sapphires. Made 19th - early 20th century.  <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 24.1 grams. Length is approximately 6 5/8 inches (17cm). 5.62ct sapphires. Nearly 27ct spinel. <P><P>Description :10 gem-filled stations. Blue sapphires and various colored spinel,...

  • $6,500.00

    Antique Art Deco ring. Could be used as an engagement / wedding ring. Sapphire and diamonds set in platinum. Made circa 1930. Measurements: US size 6 1/2. Weighs 3.7 grams. Approx 2.15ct sapphires. 34 diamonds approx .25ct. Art Deco jewellery is celebrated for high quality workmanship. This ring is the best of the best when it comes to fine workmanship. A...

  • $5,999.00

    Antique Victorian ring. 18k gold, silver, sapphire and diamonds. Made in India, 19th century.   <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 9.7 grams.  US size 10. 1.97ct rose cut diamonds. 5.55ct sapphire.  <P><P>Description : The bezel has a large, central yellow foiled, sapphire, oval in shape. Sapphire is foiled/closed at the back so appears...

  • $4,999.00

    Antique Art Deco ring. Platinum, cabochon sapphire and diamonds. Made in France circa 1920-30's.  <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 4.7 grams. Approximately US 4.75. Can be resized. 0.56ct diamonds. 3.96ct sapphire. <P><P>Description : Stunning classic Art Deco ring. Mounted in platinum, a long, oval cabochon sapphire of a gleaming...

  • $4,500.00

    Antique Victorian Pendant Necklace Locket. 18k yellow gold, garnets, sapphire, pearls. Made circa 1860-80. Measurements: Length of locket/pendant is approximately 4 1/2 cm or 6cm including the bale. Length of chain is approximatley 44cm. Weighs approximately 30.8grams. Please note that ruler in pictures is in inches. Locket Pendant with Neo Etruscan...

  • $4,500.00

     Antique Art Nouveau / late Victorian ring. Natural sapphires, diamonds and 14k gold. Made circa 1900.   Measurements: Bezel is approx 14mm from end to end. Weighs 3.5grams. Approx US size 6. Can be resized. Approx .40ct diamonds and 2.5ct sapphires.   Beautiful Art Nouveau setting with two central flowers surrounded by swirling lines of diamonds. The...

  • $4,350.00

    Antique / vintage Retro ring. 14 ct Gold, blue and yellow sapphires. Made circa 1940 by Raymond Yard. <P><P>Measurements: approx US size 6. Weighs 4.6grams. Yellow sapphire approx 5.27ct, cusion shaped, mixed cut. <P><P>Classic retro design with imaginative use of complementary coloured yellow and blue sapphires. The yellow...

  • $3,750.00

    Antique / vintage ring. 14k white gold, Old European Cut diamonds, natural, untreated sapphire. Origin unknown - most likely USA. Comes with both AGL certificate and independent appraisal. Measurements: Weight is 3.7 grams. Sapphire is 1.13ct; Old Mine Cut diamonds 1.14ct. Color is G-I. USA size 7 - can be resized.Description : Classic daisy shape, known...

Showing 25 - 36 of 49 items