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  • $6,000.00

    Fob Watch. Antique, Art Nouveau lady's 18K gold and diamond hunting case, lapel pocket watch. Made by Girard Perregaux Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, circa 1910. Comes with outstanding Art Nouveau lapel brooch fob. Measurements: approx 4 1/4 total length, including the fob; Watch is 1 1 /4 inches in diameter. Weighs 43 grams. Watch is suspended from a...

  • $5,999.00

    Antique Victorian ring. 18k gold, silver, sapphire and diamonds. Made in India, 19th century.   <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 9.7 grams.  US size 10. 1.97ct rose cut diamonds. 5.55ct sapphire.  <P><P>Description : The bezel has a large, central yellow foiled, sapphire, oval in shape. Sapphire is foiled/closed at the back so appears...

  • $5,000.00

    Antique / vintage ring. Sapphire, diamonds, platinum. Made circa 1930-40's.  Estate jewelry.  <P><P>Measurements: US size 6. Weighs 5.9 grams. Sapphire 2.27ct and diamonds approx 0.63 cts. <P><P>  Single sapphire of a deep blue that glows and gleams as the light catches the gem. Oval mixed cut sapphire. Two Old European round cut...

  • $4,999.00

    Antique Art Deco ring. Platinum, cabochon sapphire and diamonds. Made in France circa 1920-30's.  <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 4.7 grams. Approximately US 4.75. Can be resized. 0.56ct diamonds. 3.96ct sapphire. <P><P>Description : Stunning classic Art Deco ring. Mounted in platinum, a long, oval cabochon sapphire of a gleaming...

  • $4,999.00

    Antique Neo Classic Archaeological / Egyptian Revival ring. 18 karat gold and sapphire. Made circa 1880 in France. <P><P> Unisex - suitable for a man or a woman.Measurements: Approximately US size 6. Weighs 10.1 grams. Sapphire is 1.75ct approximately. <P><P>A very solid and well made figural ring in the Neo Classic, Archaeological...

  • $4,500.00

    Antique Victorian Pendant Necklace Locket. 18k yellow gold, garnets, sapphire, pearls. Made circa 1860-80. Measurements: Length of locket/pendant is approximately 4 1/2 cm or 6cm including the bale. Length of chain is approximatley 44cm. Weighs approximately 30.8grams. Please note that ruler in pictures is in inches. Locket Pendant with Neo Etruscan...

  • $4,350.00

    Antique / vintage Retro ring. 14 ct Gold, blue and yellow sapphires. Made circa 1940 by Raymond Yard. <P><P>Measurements: approx US size 6. Weighs 4.6grams. Yellow sapphire approx 5.27ct, cusion shaped, mixed cut. <P><P>Classic retro design with imaginative use of complementary coloured yellow and blue sapphires. The yellow...

  • $3,999.00

    Antique Art Nouveau Edwardian earrings. 15k gold, sapphires, enamel and pearls. Made in England circa 1900.  <P><P>Measurements: 1 3/8 inches (a little more than 3.5cm) long, not including the wires. Weigh 5.4 grams. <P><P>Description : Rare as hen's teeth, Art Nouveau earrings with a strong romantic and sentimental theme. THe...

  • $3,950.00

    Estate earrings / ear pendants. 18k white gold and yellow gold sapphires diamonds. <P><P>Measurements: just under 4cm long (approx 2 1/8 inch). Weigh 14.9 grams. 1.60ct diamonds. 14.20ct sapphires. <P><P>Description: tops in the form of bows the ribbons set with diamonds the center set with sapphires, all done in white gold. Loops...

  • $3,500.00

     Antique Victorian Pendant and Brooch / Pin. Sapphires, diamonds 14k gold and silver. Made in England circa 1880.   Measurements: diameter approx 1 1/4 inches / 3.5cm. Weighs 14.7 grams. Approximately 1ct diamonds and 2.90 carats sapphires.   Openwork, flowerhead design. Arching, circular. Silver set on 14k gold to show off diamonds to greater effect....

  • $3,500.00

    Antique, Victorian combination brooch - pendant butterfly. Gold set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. Made in England, circa 1850.   Measures 1/3/8 inches accross. Weighs approx 10 grams.   Beautiful butterfly made of gold and set with precious gem stones. The body is a series of gradated pearls, the wings are largely made of diamonds to give a...

Showing 25 - 36 of 53 items