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  • $2,750.00

    Antique Georgian ring. 14k gold and silver, diamonds and rubies. Made in England, late 18th to early 19th century. Unisex - suitable for a man or a woman. <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 3.4 grams. US size 8 1/2. for full description, please see below.

  • $2,650.00

    Antique, Victorian brooch. 18k gold, pink topaz, chrysoberyl and smoky quartz. Made 19th century, most probably in the United Kingdom. <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 7.3 grams. 1 1/4 inches (3 1/4 cm) long. <P><P> For full description, please see below.

  • $2,500.00

    Antique late Victorian brooch. 14k gold, silver, diamonds, demantoid garnets, rubies and sapphires. Made in the United Kingdom late 19th century. <P><P> Unisex - suitable to be worn by a man or a woman. <P><P> Please see below for full description.

  • $2,500.00

    Antique Georgian - Early Victorian Bracelet. Gold, Pearls and Hair. English circa 1795 - 1830's. Approx 17cm (6 3/4inches) long. Weighs 11.3 grams. Gold unmarked, acid tests for 14k. The top of the bracelet is a rounded oval. Natural half-pearls set in a scalloped filigree gold border, give a daisy-like appearance. A triple gold frame within, each of a...

  • $2,390.00

    Antique Victorian earrings / ear pendants. 18k yellow gold, amethysts and small pearls. Made 1860 - 1880, almost certainly in the United Kingdom.  Measurements: Weight is 5.2 grams. Length is a little over 1 1/2 inches (4cm). For full description, please see below.

  • $2,350.00

    Antique Victorian ring. 18k yellow gold, opal, rose cut diamonds. Made 19th century - circa 1880 - 1900, possibly English.  <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 4.0  grams. US size 8.75. <P><P>Description : Heart-shaped cabochon opal surrounded by rose cut diamonds form the bezel of this delightfully romantic ring. The yellow gold shank...

  • $2,250.00

    Antique, Victorian earrings. 14carat gold and blue enamel. Made circa 1880. Approx 2 3/8 inches long. Weigh 8.2grams. Fabulous, long earrings. The surmounts in the shape of quarter-circles, finely chased to emphasize the unusual shape and set in the apex with a globe, enamelled in blue with a gold flower in it's center. Small links, allowing maximum swing...

  • $2,250.00

    Antique Georgian romantic sentimental ring. 15ct yellow gold, emeralds and pearls. Made in England circa 1820.    <P><P>Measurements: US size 6.5. Weighs 3.8 grams. <P><P> For full description, please see below.

  • $2,250.00

    Vintage Retro Bracelet. 18k gold, diamonds and emeralds. Made circa 1960-80. Measures approx 7 1/4 inches (18cm). Weighs 11.7grams. Approx 0.60ct diamonds. Emeralds approx 3.35carats. Classy and elegant bracelet: a beautifully made gold band with invisibly set hinges/joins making for greatest flexibility. The top of the bracelet is set with an oval...

  • $2,200.00

    Antique Victorian Earrings. 14k yellow gold and onyx. Made circa 1870 - 1880. Probably made in England. Measurements: Weight is 18.1 grams. Length approximately 1 1/2 inches (4cm) not including wires. Description : Black earrings, assumed to be made originally as mourning jewelry. Strong shapes and design pre-date the Art Deco period by at least 50 years....

  • $2,000.00

    Antique Victorian Earrings Ear Pendants. 14k gold and gems. Made circa 1860's in United Kingdom.  <P><P>Measurements:  Weigh 7.4 grams. Length 3.3cms. <P><P>Description :  A pair of mid Victorian gold gem-set earrings. Gems believed to be aquamarine. Each designed as a cannetille knot, with oval-shape pale blue aquas and textured...

  • $1,999.00

    Antique Victorian Acrostic Ring. 18k gold, Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, Diamond. Made in England, 19th century. Independent appraisal. <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 1.9 grams. US size 6. <P><P>Description : ring in the form of a daisy flower. The petals of the ring are of various gems whose initials spell out the word...

Showing 133 - 144 of 167 items