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  • $2,750.00

    Antique Art Nouveau pendant. 14-15ct gold, enamel and pearls. Made in England or USA, circa 1900.   <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 3.8 grams. Width of upper section is approximately 1 1/4inches (29mm). <P><P>Description : A pair of trumpet shaped flowers face one another in a very organic design. They are supported by a gold...

  • $2,750.00

     Antique French earrings / ear pendants. 18k gold, enamel, pearls and emeralds. Made circa 1830 in France during the reign of Charles X or Louis Philippe corresponding to the late Georgian or early Victorian periods.   Measurements: length, not including the wires, is a little over 1 3/4 inches (about 44mm). Combined weight is 9.2 grams.   Long earrings...

  • $2,750.00

    Antique earrings. 22k gold and enamel. Made in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Believed to date to 18th or 19th century.  <P><P>Measurements: A little over 2 1/2 inches (about 7cm) long. Weigh 17.1 grams. <P><P> Please see below for full details.

  • $2,750.00

    Antique Georgian Charles X long earrings / ear pendants. 18k yellow gold, natural pearls, black enamel and small diamonds. Made in France circa 1825. <P><P>Measurements: Earrings are approximately 2 1/8 inch (5.5cm) long, not including the wires. Weigh 6.0 grams. <P><P> Please see below for full description.

  • $2,500.00

    Antique Georgian necklace. 18k yellow gold and enamel. Made in France, 1798 - 1809. <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 15.5 grams. Length approximately 15inches (just under) (37cm); Drop approximately 3 inches (7cm). For full description, please see below.

  • $2,499.00

    Antique vintage cufflinks for a gentleman. 22k gold, diamonds and black enamel. Made in Rajasthan, India circa 1940-50's.  <P><P>Measurements:  Approximately 3/4 inch square (2cm). Weigh 15.4 grams. <P><P>Description : Exquisite cufflinks in high carat gold, diamonds and superb enamel. The larger part of the link is a square with...

  • $2,250.00

    Antique, Victorian earrings. 14carat gold and blue enamel. Made circa 1880. Approx 2 3/8 inches long. Weigh 8.2grams. Fabulous, long earrings. The surmounts in the shape of quarter-circles, finely chased to emphasize the unusual shape and set in the apex with a globe, enamelled in blue with a gold flower in it's center. Small links, allowing maximum swing...

  • $2,000.00

    Antique Art Nouveau Jugendstil brooch. Gilded 900 silver and plique-a-jour enamel. Made in Pforzheim Germany by Meyle & Mayer circa 1900. Made for the French market. <P><P>Measurements: Approxiimately 1 1/4 inches (3.5cm) wide by 1 1/8 inch (3cm) high. Weighs 8.6 grams.  <P><P>Description: Assymetric, organic, roughly...

  • $1,999.00

    Antique / vintage earrings. 22k (or higher) yellow gold, white sapphire, enamel and pearls. Punjab, India, first quarter 20th century.  <P><P>Measurements: Weight is 15.5 grams.  Diameter approximately 1 1/4 inches (11mm).  <P><P>Description : Impressive, big, round earrings. The tops curve slightly over the flat gold disc backs....

  • $1,850.00

    Antique Victorian tie cravat or scarf pin brooch. 18k gold, silver, enamel. Made in France circa 1880-1900. Measurements: Weight is 3.8 grams. Total length is a little under 3 1/2 inches (8.5cm). Please see below for full description.

  • $1,800.00

    Antique Victorian memorial mourning ring. 18k yellow gold, enamel and hair. Made in Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1857. Unisex - can be worn by a man or a woman. Measurements: Weight is 4.2 grams. US size 9 1/2. Size indicates that it could be worn by a man or a woman. Please see below for full description.

  • $1,650.00

    Antique Victorian earrings. 14k yellow gold, onyx and enamel. Made circa 1870.  <P><P>Measurements:  approximately 1 1/4 inches (3.25cm) long. Weigh 14.5 grams. <P><P>Description : Black is always elegant and these earrings manage to combine both elegance and fun with a strong sense of movement. Surmounts are elongated rectangles...

Showing 49 - 60 of 75 items