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    Do you have insatiable love and affinity for Virtu, a curious knowledge and expertise in fine art and antiques? Please take some time to browse through our diverse Objects of Virtu category, where you’ll find one-of-a-kind antiques from the 18thand 19thcentury.

    Here you’ll find our most distinct pieces that include 19thcentury hand painted picture frames and portraits; antique Georgian/Regency chatelaines and French snuff boxes; hand painted Japanese fans; antique and Art Deco humidors and even miniature handmade wood chests.

    You’ll also find an assortment of desk items and pieces made from gold, silver, and ivory, and small scale enamel sculptures. In our Object of Virtue collection, you can find a unique piece for the antique aficionado who already has everything!

  • Art Painting & Sculpture

    The art of painting is as historical as human existence itself, and each of our antique paintings captures that timeless aura of historical and individual significance and beauty. Each piece in this collection has a story to tell. Youll find treasures here that encompass several subcategories spanning from miniature painted portraits to full-size paintings, lithographs, and carved sculptures.

    Pieces in this collection include miniature lithographs, copper enamel paintings, hand carved figurines, and silver rock crystal sculptures. Youll also find early American photos, oil ivory portraits, signed pastel paintings, contemporary Florida paintings, and so much more.

  • Glass

    What makes antique glass appealing to such a wide group of collectors? Its diverse beauty, rarity, craftsmanship, history, colors, and shapes is the answer. For the art glass connoisseur, we have a breath-taking collection of unique antique glass pieces from all over the world. Browse our collection and youll find Bohemian 3-layer glass goblets, Czech glass bowls, antique Tiffany and Co. iridescent glass bowls, and multi-layered art glass vases.

    Youll also find Italian art glass sculptures and figurines; Milano crown glass jars; Venetian and Nouveau glass and gold enamel pieces; and 19thcentury English cameo glass perfume bottles.

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     Antique Victorian era, Art Nouveau pair of scissors. Sterling silver. Circa 1890's.   Measurements: approx 4 inches long; weighs 12.7 grams.   Very pretty pair of scissors. Can be used for sewing, embroidery or nails. Slightly curved blades that come to a fine point. The silver handles with moulded floral decoration surrouding fluted surfaces that...

Showing 217 - 217 of 217 items