Art Nouveau Dog Collar Choker Necklace Gold Amethysts Natural Pearls (5430)


 Antique Art Nouveau dog collar, choker necklace. Gold, amethysts and natural pearls. Made circa 1895-1905. Exact origin unknown.


Measurements: A little over 13inches / 33.5cm long; approx 1 inch / 2 3/4cm wide. Round amethysts approx 3-3 1/2 mm diameter; long amethysts approx 10mm long. 'photos show both inches and cm. Weight is 44.6grams.


Necklace consists of 10 oval scrolling gold frames joined top and bottom by swags of gold chain and diagonally by chains in X-shapes with round amethysts at their centers. Each oval with scrolling foliage and fleur de lis at top and bottom, natural pearls on the sides and elongated tear-shaped amethysts held in flower-like cusps. These long amethysts are suspended by loops so that they swing freely. The upper chains are longer than those at the bottom, so they hang in swags. The round amethysts are mounted in colette-settings. Amethysts are of a lovely deep purple color quality. Contrast between gold and purple is royal and striking. Pearls add the small detail of great quality. Original clasp with gold post fitting into gold tube, unobtrusive and secure.


Marks: no marks found. Gold was acid tested and stays strongly for 18k and we will guarrantee at least 14k.


Condition: good with negligible wear commensurate with age. 





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