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  • $18,000.00

    Antique Figural Ring. Diamond Enamel. As with rings of this sort, it is very difficult to prove conclusively whether it originates from the Renaissance period or was made in the style at a later date. We believe it is from the period, but are open to opinions and views. It was bought in France. Measurements: approximately US size 6.5 Weighs 6.1grams....

  • $15,000.00

    Antique bangle bracelet. 22k gold set with diamonds, turquoise and minakari / minaar enamel. Also old glass. Makara (Crocodile) protomes. Made in Madir Pradesh, India circa 1800 -1850. Measurements: Outer diameter of bangle is 3 1/8 inches (8cm) - larger at the terminals. Inner diameter of bracelet is 2 1/4 inches (6cm). Weighs 100.6 grams.Total diamond...

  • $9,000.00

    Antique Renaissance (pre Georgian) ring. 18k gold, chrysoberyl and rubies. Enamel remnants. Made circa 1500 in Europe. Measurements: Weighs 3.9 grams. Approximately US size 4.75 - 5. Description: A fine and delicate ring - quite a luxury item for the time and particularly rare to find today. In typical built up box mount is a square-cut chrysoberyl - the...

  • $5,500.00

    Antique Georgian ring. Gold and silver set with chrysoberyl. Made in Portugal circa 1785-1800. Measurements: US size 6.5. Can easily be resized. Description: Navette shaped ring. Particularly long and elegant. The outer border is beaded gold. Within a border of chrysoberyl, with large, flat tables. Within, an elongated flower and foliage, with openwork...

  • $5,250.00

    Antique Renaissance cross pendant with later Victorian pendant case. Cross is cloisonne enamel. Case is 18k yellow gold. Cross pendant dates to the 16th century and was probably made in Venice. Case made in Birmingham, England by Coley Brothers, 19th century. <P><P>Measurements: Cross measures approximately 2 1/2 inches (a little under 6.5cm)...

  • $4,999.00

    Antiquity jewelry - Classic Greek Hellenistic double ring. 20k yellow gold, garnets and amethyst. 2nd - 1st century BC. <P><P>Measurements: Larger hoop approximately US size 10; smaller hoop US size 7.5. Weighs 10.3 grams. Bezel approximately 3.5cm accross. Garnets approximately 1.5cm long. Amethyst approximately 6mm in diameter....

  • $4,500.00

    Antique Antiquity Bizantine ring. High carat gold, garnet and natural pearls. Made circa 6th - 9th century AD. Measurements: US 6 3/4. Weighs 6.4grams. Note - ruler in pictures is in inches. Shank is hollow gold hoop, widening significantly towards the shoulders and bezel. The sides of the bezel with deep collets, each with wire-attached pearl. In the...

  • $3,750.00

    Antique pre Georgian, Queen Anne Earrings. 15k yellow gold and garnets. Made in England circa 1710.     Measurements: Approximately 1 1/2 inches (4cm) long. Weigh 4.7 grams.     Deep red garnets with a very rich inner glow. Flat cut as was the style and technical limitation of the period and set in gold with crimped edges. Closed backs. Stones connected...

  • $3,550.00

    Antique early Georgian earrings. Cabochon garnets and pyrite set in silver over 15k gold. Made in England, circa 1740.  <P><P>Measurements: Excluding the wires, approximately 1 inch (28mm) long. Combined weight is 10.3 grams. <P><P>Description :  A little after the Queen Anne period, these earrings have survived almost 200 years....

  • $2,500.00

    Antique Georgian French Restoration Mourning or Memorial Ring. 14-18k yellow gold and gems.  Early 19th century, French 1819-1838.   <P><P> Measurements: US size 9 3/4. Weighs 2.8grams.  <P><P>The ring in 3 parts joined together at the back. The two outer parts are ridged and each has a small colette-set, table-cut gemstone....

  • $1,900.00

     Antique Antiquity Roman Gold Pearl Garnet Ring 2000 Years Old Wedding (#5658) Antique / Antiquity ring. High carat gold, pearl and garnet ring. Made during the Ancient Roman period 2nd - 3rd century AD. Measurements: US size 3. Weighs 2 grams. Note - ruler in pictures is in inches. Shank is a gold band that forks into two sections at each shoulder,...

  • $1,800.00

     Antique / antiquity Byzantine chain necklace and cross pendant. Made from silver. Made circa 7th - 9th century. Measurements: approximately length of chain when doubled up to and not including the pendant is 12 1/4 inches (31cm). Length of the chain is therefore about 24 1/2 inches. The pendant, including the bale is a little over an inch long (a little...

Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items