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  • $1,499.00

    Antique ring. 18k gold, silver, diamonds and amethyst. European, possibly Netherlands, with French hallmarks. 19th century. Measurements: US size 5. Length of bezel approximately 3/4 inch (19mm). Weighs 9.1 grams. Description: Rectangular amethyst collette set in gold. Forming a ring that barely touches the center is a border of silver mounted rose cut...

  • $1,250.00

    Vintage demi parure earrings and bracelet set. 14k yellow gold and amethysts. Made in America, circa 1850 -80. Measurements: Bracelet approximately 6 7/8 inches (17cm) long. Bracelet weighs 23.3 grams. Earrings weigh 7.1 grams. Description:Bracelet consists of large, oval step cut amethysts of a wonderful deep purple. Held in openwork ribbons of gold to...

  • $1,200.00

     Antique ring. 14k gold (585) amethysts and pearl. Arts and Crafts - from 1880's to 1940.   Measurements: Approx US size 7.5; weighs 6.0grams. Note: ruler in pictures is in inches.   The center of the ring is constructed in a design that echoes the Renaissance : square gold mounts enclosing table cut amethysts, that surround a pearl in the middle. The...

  • $999.00

    Antique Arts and Crafts / Art Nouveau ring. 14k yellow gold and amethyst. Made late 19th - early 20th century. <P><P>Measurements: US size 6 - 6 1/2. Can be resized. Weighs 4.8grams. Amethyst approx 10mm long. Note: ruler in 'photos in inches. <P><P>A rectangular amethyst with gently cut facets. Lovely slightly pink-purple color...

  • $900.00

    Antique Art Deco Ring. Large amethyst, natural seed pearls, 3 color 14k gold. Made in America, circa 1920's. Measurements: Amethyst weighs approx 10.25ct. Weighs 7.5grams. Approximately US size 6 - 6 1/2. Amethyst, with lovely tone of purple set in a multi-colored gold mount. It is bordered by a ring of natural seed pearls with yellow and red gold flowers...

  • $750.00

    Antique choker necklace. Gold filled and paste. Made during the Victorian era, late 19th century, circa 1895-1905. Measures 15 inches long. Approx 7/8 inches wide. A series of rectangular amethyst faceted paste gems, set vertically in gold-coloured metal. Joined together by 3 chains of the same metal links, each chain with a round amethyst paste in it's...

Showing 13 - 18 of 18 items