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  • $15,000.00

    Antique bangle bracelet. 22k gold set with diamonds, turquoise and minakari / minaar enamel. Also old glass. Makara (Crocodile) protomes. Made in Madir Pradesh, India circa 1800 -1850. Measurements: Outer diameter of bangle is 3 1/8 inches (8cm) - larger at the terminals. Inner diameter of bracelet is 2 1/4 inches (6cm). Weighs 100.6 grams.Total diamond...

  • $10,000.00

    Antique / vintage bangle bracelet. 22k Gold openwork, elephant heads w ruby/spinel eyes. Made in India, Madir Pradesh circa 1940-50. Outer diameter of bangle is 3 inches (8cm). Inner diameter of bracelet is 2 1/8 inches (52mm). Weighs 69.1grams. Fabulous bangle with very sturdy, solid gold openwork. The inner side, close to the wrist in a pattern of...

  • $9,500.00

    Museum quality Antique enormous earrings from the Mughal / Nizam era in India. At least 200 years old. Diamonds, genuine Basra Pearls, emeralds set in gold which tests to at least 14k. Almost 4 inches long. Total weight is 54.7grams. Sturdy gold wires suport a double hoop of diamonds and pearls, with smaller pearls and emeralds dangling in clusters below...

  • $9,000.00

    Antique pair Navaratna bracelets. Gem stones include ruby diamond emerald coral pearl turquoise, 22k gold, enamel. Made in India. Sold to us as late Mughal. Well over 100 years old and anywhere between that and 300 years old. <P><P>Measurements: Total length of bracelets is 7 1/2 inches (19cm). Height of each section is approximately 7mm....

  • $7,000.00

      Antique / vintage pair of bangles / bracelets. 22 carat yellow gold, old rubies and natural pearls. Made in India first half of the 20th century.  OUter diameter is 2 5/8inches (6.5cm). Inner diameter is 2 2/8 inches (5.8cm). Will fit most wrists. Combined weight is 45.3 grams.    44 rubies weigh total approx 16.00 ct.  Rich gold bands with unusual and...

  • $5,000.00

      Vintage pair of bangles / bracelets. High carat gold (at least 22k), diamonds and rare minakari / minaar enamel. Made in India circa 1950-70.       Measurements: Outer diameter 2 3/8 inches (64mm). Inner diameter 2 1/8  inches (56mm). Weight 34.1grams.         66 irregular shaped rose cut diamonds total approx 3.30ct.  Hinged bangles with typical...

  • $4,250.00

    Antique / vintage ring. Emerald and old/rosecut diamonds set in a high carat (22k) gold openwork design. Made circa 1930-50 in India. Measurements: US size 6.5. Weighs 8 grams. Total diamond weight approx 1.50ct; Emerald approx 1.25ct. Square emerald. Indian cut. Lovely bright green colour. The Indians adored emeralds, which were usually imported by them...

  • $4,000.00

    Antique ring for men or women. At least 22k yelow gold and single Golconda diamond. Made in India early 1900's. <P><P>Measurements: Approximately US size 7.5. Weighs 7.7grams. Diamond approx .45ct. <P><P>Signet style ring. The high quality gold shank, tapering towards the back of the finger, is hand-chased with foliage, scrolls and...

  • $4,000.00

    Antique / vintage pendant. High carat gold (at least 22k) diamonds, baroque pearl and the reverse with minakari / minaar enamel. Made in India, first half of 20th century. Total length is 2 3/8 inches (6cm) long. Weighs 15.2 grams. 32 irregular shaped faceted tablet cut diamonds total approx 1.50ct.Classic Mughal Indian design. This pendant might have...

  • $3,500.00

    Antique chanderlier pendant earrings. 22k yellow gold, diamonds, natural pearls and glass turquoise. Made 19th century, India. <P><P>Measurements: approximately 4cm (1 1/2inches) long, not including the wire loops. Weigh 13.2grams. Diamonds approx .58ct. <P><P>Superb antique pair of earrings. Exact dates not known, but definately...

  • $3,500.00

    Antique / Vintage Man / Woman's ring. High 22 carat gold, diamonds, gem and enamelling. Made in India in 1948. US size 7.5 and will fit many men as well as women. Weighs 21.8 grams. Just under 1 inch (just under 24mm) accross and about the same lengthwise. Garnet at least 1.50 carats. Diamonds weigh approx 0.75carats. Very large, classic Mughal Indian...

  • $3,000.00

    Antique large ring. High carat gold, garnet, emerald and ruby. Made Rajasthan, India early 20th century. <P><P>Measurements: approximately US size 6. Weighs 16.5 grams. Ring stand over 3/8inch (10mm) above the surface of the finger. Garnet approximately 5mm in diameter. <P><P>Extraordinary ring. Probably made for a man, but...

Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items